“The fantastic sound effects and music add to the whole experience – often playful, hilarious and slapstick; sometimes sinister and scary; but ultimately thought-provoking and engaging.” (The Guardian, 2014)

“The soundtrack of the piece is fantastic. From the pulsing urban tracks, to the slapstick noises or the booming thunder, it is electric throughout.” (A Younger Theatre 2014)

” an entertaining, interactive lesson about climate change ….It is a technically clever show with some ingenious use of sound ..” (The Stage 2013)

“The weaving between stories is assisted by impressive lighting and sound design (Richard Howell and Elena Pena respectively), which transforms the theatre into multiple locations in a variety of innovative ways.” (One Stop Arts Dec 2012)

“A special mention has to be given to Elena Pena’s sound design and to the stage manager for hitting all the cues using someof the best quality sound effects I have heard for a long time..” (Whats On Stage 2012)

“The shrewd use of music and dissonant sound effects, designed by Elena Pena, creates unsettling echoes of religious ceremony at several crucial moments.” (Fourth Wall May 2012)

“All of this is brilliantly well-executed – the sound design is lively and fun, the script wry and engaging..” (Fest)

“Constantly clever, Elena Pena’s sound effects bring the props alive, and the stage is full of surprises..” (Whatsonstage 2011)

“Technically this production is spot-on, with carefully timed sound effects such as the clinking of ice on glass or the sparking of a cigarette lighter..” (

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