Below are some samples of sounds from various projects I’ve worked on. In the absence of the full visual and audio experience, it’s tricky to give an impression of how these sounds work in context. So in some cases I’ve created mini audio trailers instead, including various elements whether music, sound effects or sound scape, from each project. In others, I’ve added little moments. Hopefully they’ll convey something about the pieces they were intended for.

Please, when you can, use headphones or speakers other than built-in to listen. It sounds better..

The Planet And Stuff

P: Polka Theatre Blog | D: Simon Daw

A High Street Odyssey

P: Stills from SIRF Video (below) | D: Yukiko Tsukamoto

Youtube Video from Stockton International Festival – Not my sounds, those are taking place in the headphones. Just some visual context:



Mass Observation

 P: Andrzej Goulding (AV Design)/ S. Lange | D: Jamie Vartan


Brimstone & Treacle

P: | D: Alex Eales

Under Milk Wood

P: Robert Day | D: Hannah Clark


Macbeth : The Abuse of Power

 P: Ed Collier | D: Fiammetta Horvat


Bette & Joan: The Final Curtain

P: | D: Amy Yardley



 P: Simon Annand | D: Hannah Clark


Credits: P= Photo Credit ; D= Design Credit

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